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Each month we deliver a plant, pot and seasonal wellness produce.

A greener, happier you starts here.


Discover how to care for yourself as well as for plants. We'll introduce you to simple new practices that will boost your mood.


Nourish your body with artisan British products handpicked by us to complement our monthly theme.


Plants reduce stress and give us precious moments of calm. Each plant comes with a simple care guide and will fit snugly into any home.

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The Outside In Box

This month is all about the PLANTS and getting your hands dirty. We are going to take our precious houseplants a step further this month and teach you how to create a gorgeous houseplant display that will bring the outside in. This box is the perfect opportunity to try your hand at houseplant arranging, and might just make for the perfect mothers day gift! - Maidenhair fern - 2 x Asparagus ferns - Muhlenbeckia - Mini Asplenium - Terracotta planter - Eco-coir potting soil
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Deliveries begin on the 20th of each month.


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What's in each box?

  • 1x beautiful new plant designed to fit into any home, no garden required!
  • 1x neutral and stylish plant pot
  • Easy to follow care guide
  • Classes and activities to introduce you to simple
    practices that can improve your wellbeing – from
    breathwork to pottery to yoga
  • Carefully curated selection of up to 4 products to
    match our monthly theme.
    (Think books, live classes, crafts, walks, delicious treats,
    artisanal non-alcoholic drinks, vitamins, candles and much more)
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